About Us


There is a lack in the number of professionals to perform marine related services in the Oil & Gas Industry in the region. Whilst many mariners are employed by Oil Majors, they are lumbered with additional duties and deskbound work which is nevertheless necessary for planning and co-ordination, leading to a loss of focus in critical marine operations on site. Having recognized this, the Company was incorporated with the objective of servicing this need to ensure that all Marine related Operations are executed safely and efficiently. To meet this end, all personnel designated by the Company are very experienced and appropriately trained with the requisite Safety Training.

Our company is a marine service provider that having long experience in seaborne oil, ship-shore oil movement is our main business. We also have extensive experience in conducting all types of Marine Surveys as required by the marine industry. For survey work in Maritime Thailand. MarinerThai 2004 is proud to present a very diversified group of marine surveyors whose experience cover all criteria as required by the industry.


Our company will offer operation and management for oil terminal, shore representative as berthing master and loading master, marine survey and maintenance, oil spill prevention and response expertise, marine risk assessment, government liaison service, regulatory compliance, marine training course organizer, and vessel vetting. To provide premier service to Oil Majors, Drilling Contractors and Shipping Companies in all Marine related critical operations to ensure that operational safety is not compromised.

Our team of marine surveyors is available at your request to satisfy your surveying requirements. The vast knowledge and experience shared by all surveyors enables MarinerThai 2004 to offer its services for any survey requested by industry. If you require a survey, call MarinerThai 2004!

Area of Expertise

MarinerThai 2004 Co., Ltd. is a marine service provider and ship inspection company which also undertakes marine consultancy services within the maritime and offshore industry. The company’s surveyors are qualified as marine engineers or navigators and are experts on inspecting ships during construction and in service. The list of our Services provided as follows;

  • SBM Mooring Operation
  • Loading Master for Crude Oil Tankers
  • Tandem Mooring to FSOs and FPSOs
  • Rig/Barges Moves
  • lnspection of Offshore Support Vessel
  • Marine Waste Services
  • Marine Surveying Services
  • Port Management Services
  • Service boats
  • Marine Terminal Operator