Marine Surveying Service

Services and Experience

MarinerThai 2004 provides a full range of Oil tanker and other vessels services including; survey, supervision of repair, delivery, and vessel management

A Marine Surveyor’s services are necessary in many different situations which require an expert evaluation of any vessel’s value or seaworthiness. Appraisals for obtaining insurance, making damage claims, negotiating divorce settlements, obtaining financing, and establishing tax deductible donations are just a few among the many situations in which the services of MarinerThai 2004 are retained. Our company also performs various safety inspections, as required by law, to establish the seaworthiness of vessels in order to ensure public safety.

MarinerThai 2004 possesses the expertise to inspect all types and sizes of vessels constructed of various materials for purposes such as oil tanker, freight, passenger, commercial fishing, sailing, and racing.