MBM/SBM Mooring Operation

Services and Experience

The following our services are based on each tanker with service hours (all fast time to completed documentation time) on board a tanker up to thirty six (36) hours.

Operation (Loading Master) 

  • Witness and supervise for crude oil cargo inspection and measurement
  • Attend pre-transfer conference
  • Coordinate ship/shore interface on ship until completing disconnection and documentation
  • Sign (receive) ship document/NOR/Protest, surveyor/ship agent document and issue note protest/time sheet on behalf of Oil Majors
  • Coordinate with tanker/Oil Majors during emergency


  • Provide ship-shore information exchange as request
  • Liaise with concern parties including ship agent and Oil Majors Coordinator (single contact point) for preparation prior to work on board tanker
  • Monitoring measurement and sampling for crude oil on board tanker to meet Oil Majors requirement in compliance with Product Control Manual (PCM) and provide reporting of cargo measurement and sampling checklist
  • Check and complete Vessel Performance Report (VPR) and STAR record for all ship after discharge at Oil Majors SBM
  • Monthly report turnaround time and delay at discharge Oil Majors SBM
  • Prepare incident/near miss report and investigation