Our services

Our another services is Trading Ship Broker includes marketing, contract negotiation, drawing up contract documentation, attendance at delivery, valuations etc. Normal ship-broking conventions dictate that our fees are normally paid by the sellers upon delivery of the vessel.

MBM/SBM Mooring Operation

SBM Mooring operation involves the retrieving of hawser and chain before being secured onto bow chain stoppers.

Loading Master for Crude Oil Tankers

The following our services are based on each tanker with service hours on board a tanker up to thirty six (36) hours.

Tandem Mooring to FSOs and FPSOs

This is a common method of mooring to FSOs and FPSOs where the export tanker is secured to the FSO / FPSO by means of a chafe chain.

Rig / Barges Moves

Our Services offered include preparation of rig move package in terms of

Inspection of Offshore Support Vessel

A large amount of your company's money depends on the marine vessels that you contract to support your operations.

Marine Waste Service

Service to handle all types of marine waste and offer complete services to all ships in the eastern seaboard ports.

Marine Surveying Service

Provides a full range of Oil tanker and other vessels services including; survey, supervision of repair, delivery, and vessel management

Port Management Service

Excellent port management services. We can run the port in the optimum way, concentrating on economy of time and money, using the best tugs.

Service Boats

capable to provides offshore transportation solutions all around Thailand’s ports. Our fleet is available for rental and ready to serve.

Marine Terminal Operator

Performing the site survey of berth facilities readiness and provide technical suggestions to Port Terminal in regard with further necessary improvement required