Port Management Service

Services and Experience

MarinerThai 2004 Co., Ltd. provides excellent port management services. We can run the port in the optimum way, concentrating on economy of time and money, using the best tugs, barges pilot vessels and port management staff to not only quickly berth the vessel but also carry out a rapid loading or discharging. Quick in quick out in the safest and best manner is our motto.

  • Pilot station & radio officers supply: Every ship arriving at port first informs pilot station about its arrival. We provide the best communication / radio officers for the same who will reply promptly at first call and begin liaisons work
  • Pilot boats & craft: Once the berth is allotted the pilot boat carries the pilot to the vessel and then the pilot, steers the vessel into port /jetty.
  • Pilots: Piloting the vessels into berth and out of the berth.
  • Tugs for mooring and towing: Tugs provided by us help the ship to berth as most of the ports have a high current and difficult sea wave structure. Tugs are essential for mooring
  • Mooring crew: Once the ship arrives at berth our mooring team moors the vessels as well as keeps a sharp look out for fires and safety. They also double up to clean the holds and hatches
  • Ships agency
  • Port officials and customs handling: our agency department does the needful.
  • Stevedoring: Loading and discharging of material with lowest rate of losses 0.5 percent from ship to shore.
  • Ships husbandry: Supply of all stores, bunkers, fresh water.
  • Ship repairs
  • Port captains: Vetting of tankers and cargo supervision by tanker safety experts in any port in Asia – Pacific. Most of our port captains are senior masters / chief engineers who work as instructors in best merchant marine colleges.